strategic planning

What behavior needs to change for you/your business to achieve what you want this year?

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to jumpstart your business? Or perhaps you are an executive with a management team that wants to keep your team focused, move into the next level of discipline to accelerate growth, increase revenues and profits, improve communication, develop high performance or achieve your company goals? Either way, you’re busy! No time to waste on complicated, useless business planning!

Taking the pain out of the process, Allison Tabor helps you to create a plan has never been easier, using The One Page Business Plan.® This concise process will bring new energy to your business and you’ll find great value in developing an actionable plan that guides your business decisions and focuses your resources where they’ll be most productive.

The One Page Business Plan® methodology is designed to quickly extract YOUR best thinking and put it on a single page. As a licensed One Page Plan® Consultant, Allison will work one-on-one with you (and your team) to develop clear, concise and aligned plans for achieving your annual objectives for revenue, profit, cost reduction and other key metrics.


Strategic Planning Services


  • The One Page Business Plan® Development: Management Team or Individual
  • Performance Reporting & Management System Implementation
  • Converting old 55+ page strategic plans into a One Page Business Plan®
  • Monthly Strategic Plan Reviews
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Workshops


“Allison understands business and people, a rare combination! And knows how to grow both from the inside out. Her unique talent lies in asking powerful & provocative questions that speed up the process of moving individuals, teams and organizations to the next level of success. Reach out, get to know Allison, you will find her to be a giver!”

Jim Horan, Founder & President, The One Page Business Plan®



Allison S. Tabor, CPC

Executive Coach, Consultant & Facilitator