You may say that you want things, but are you really committed? It is not uncommon to want something, but just how committed are you to making it happen? And if you are committed, do you have the discipline needed? For some, discipline is intrinsic and for others extrinsic. Know this about yourself. What support might you need to get and stay on track?

Consider this analogy. Billions of dollars are made every year in the health and fitness industry. Let’s look at the fitness clubs as an example. Health clubs are making a fortune selling memberships to well-intentioned people, many of whom never or infrequently workout. Why is this? Not because they like to throw their money out for no reason. It’s because some people, who really, really want to lose weight or get healthy take the step to join a gym and go no further. They are missing adequate commitment and discipline. The industry is making “bank” on those people.

Then, of course, there are members who do show up regularly. Some train themselves, participate in group classes or engage help from a personal fitness trainer.  Some people are very disciplined, while others need more structure, support and even guidance through the process. It is OK, wherever you are, so long as you recognize what you need and get it.  You may find that you are very committed and disciplined in certain areas of your life and not in others. 

For any area of your life that you want to experience remarkable results, take an honest assessment of your commitment, discipline, and support in place towards meeting your objectives.